Last Updated: Sun 02 March 2014


The purpose of this page is to clear up common TwitchPlaysPokemon misconceptions and provide some general info.

I try to provide sources where possible. I may be wrong on certain things, or circumstances may change, but this is a good general guide.


Which Pokemon version are we playing?

Vanilla Pokemon Red with a modified title screen. See below for full explanation.

What ROM are we running?

A bogus 151 Red ROM. See below for full explanation.

Do the commands control the game?

Yes, but only in the main chat. If you get placed into the overflow chat or you are in the mobile chat, you are not controlling the game.

Is it at all possible to keep up with the IRC chat?

Just barely. You can hide the unnecessary messages to ease it.


Not a question, and key items are untossable [1].


Command Delay

People sometimes wonder why their commands aren’t showing up (source: IRC).

You may either be in the wrong chat (unlikely), or you are not aware of the delay.

Twitch has enforced a 20-40 second delay on our stream to keep the connection stable, so you should plan your commands well in advance [1].

Friendship Safety

There are many versions of this rumour floating around, with the central one being that Jesus Bird is safe from release via the PC due to “friendship” between Red and JB.

This is not true as friendship was only introduced in Pokemon Yellow [1]. JB and all of our other pokemon can be released via the PC.

Fainted Pokemon Release

Another PC rumour is that if 5 of the 6 pokemon have fainted, the remaining pokemon cannot be released via the PC.

It is a known glitch that a player can deposit unfainted pokemon and temporarily have a party of only fainted pokemon before blacking out [1], but there are no official records if it is possible to release pokemon this way.

However, it has been independently confirmed by Drake_ (thank you!) on IRC that we can release unfainted pokemon in this scenario (we simply black out), and therefore it is not a viable method to preserve pokemon [2].


In Gen I pokemon games (what we are playing), fishing is non-interactive [1]. This means that selecting the fishing rod is enough to fish. This means that it is possible for the stream to fish, as we cannot cancel the action.


Fly will most likely complicate the game [1].

It will function like dig, but much worse. The reason for this is because unlike dig, fly will most likely return us all the way back to Pallet Town. This is because when the fly menu is opened the selection defaults to Pallet Town, and in the insuing command storm, it is likely we will select it.

To make matters worse, fly can be taught to not only Jesus Bird, but also to several other of our pokemon (notably Dux), which increases our chances of a poorly timed flight.

151 Red ROM

The Twitch stream description initially stated we are on the 151 Red ROM [1], which includes several modifications and the ability to catch all 151 original pokemon (not possible in the original games without trading). This has since been removed from the description.

The evidence for this ROM is the signature 151 symbol on the ROM’s intro screen, which has been called into question [2][3].

It has actually been shown to be a bogus ROM that is vanilla Red with a modified title screen [4] but pretends to be the 151 ROM.

The clearest evidence for this is the fact that in the only working 151 ROM the gym leaders are vastly overlevelled (which wasn’t true for us) [1], as well as the fact that in none of the alleged spawning locations for pokemon from Pokemon Blue have we seen one [5].

Pay Day Farming

It has been suggested by some that we can combat a scenario where we run out of money by farming the move pay day [1] [2].

Meowth is the only wild pokemon with the move, but as we are currently playing Pokemon Red, and meowth is only available on blue, meowth is probably unavailable for us to catch.

Therefore, this method will not work via meowth.

However, we can still get the pay day TM 16 on Route 12 [3] and teach it to a pokemon, in which case we can farm payday if we manage to teach the TM.

Safari Zone Step Count

Some people are worried we may get stuck at the Safari Zone (not necessarily forever).

The concern arises from the fact that we require surf (HM 03) to complete the game [1]. To retrieve the HM we need to navigate the Safari Zone. Entry into the Safari Zone costs money, and the amount of steps one can take in the Zone is limited.

With Red’s current navigational track record, it is highly unlikely that we will be able to retrieve the HM at all, or at least in any reasonable time frame.

Safari Zone Cost

Several people are concerned that the game may end for us when we reach the Safari Zone.

Due to the number of attempts navigating Safari Zone will likely take (see above), we will likely run out of money very quickly. As the amount of money in the game is nearly limited (bar certain options like pay day farming), this may result in the game being unplayable.

However, as we are playing a ROM, the creator of the stream may remove either the step count limit (likely) or the entry fee (unlikely). However, neither of the options have been confirmed because the creator has not said anything and we won’t know until we reach the zone.

Safari Zone Discount

On IRC, people have said that you can enter the Safari Zone for free/at a discount if you are poor.

This is true only in Pokemon Yellow [1].

We cannot enter for free.

Stuck Without Surf/Fly

Some people have said that we can get stuck somewhere like Cinnabar Island by releasing all pokemon we have that know surf and fly (none right now, probably lapras and JB in the future) while on the island, thus getting stranded.

Others have countered, however, that the game prevents you from doing that to avoid that exact situation, which means we can exploit this to protect JB or other pokemon forever.

According to certain sources (I have found no authoritative answer), this preventative measure does not appear until Gen III [1], which means we can get stuck [2].

Another way to prevent getting stuck if we release all the pokemon which know surf is to get a fishing rod (which we have), and catch a pokemon and teach it surf, but that implies we have money for poke balls (which can and will run out if we get stuck).

It’s has also been suggested that we catch pokemon which can surf in the Pokemon Mansion, but that also implies poke balls implies money; this is also impossible as the Pokemon Mansion only has pokemon which can learn surf in pokemon blue [3].

A final option which has been discussed is to resurrect the Helix, but even if He is taught surf, He may still be released as well - Helix forbid.

AI PP Loss

In Gen I, AI pokemon can never run out of PP [1].

This also means AI can never use struggle.

High Level Protection

Since pidgeot hit level 50, people have said that high level pokemon (like pidgeot) will stop obeying until we get more gym badges [1][2].

This is only true for traded pokemon [3], so this is only a risk for Dux, which we obtained in an in-game trade.

Struggle-killing Ghosts

This is less relevant since we’ve defeated the Pokemon Tower, but it will re-appear as a myth when we fight the Elite Four (Agatha) and her ghost types [1].

Our normal type pokemon (e.g. JB) cannot attack ghost types as they only have normal moves (for now). This means that when they fight against ghost types, they are bound to lose, because they can’t hit them. If they continue fighting, they will eventually run out of PP and will resort to struggle.

Someone has noticed that the trivia states that ghost types are affected by struggle [2], which means we can fight ghost types with JB if we hang on.

However, this is not true as struggle does not affect ghost types in Pokemon Red because it is considered a normal move in Gen I [3].